Land Rehabilitation


Objectives: To rehabilitate the Tsunami affected lands of small scale, marginal farmers through the program donation of inputs (seeds, fertilizers, bio- pest control, plant growth promoters, green manure crops), cash for work (the farmers are employed to rehabilitate their own land, thus creating income immediately), capacity building (training on rehabilitation techniques like PH reducer, plant immunity booster, cultural innovative techniques, crop diversification).

Target Group / Criteria of Selection : Tiny, small marginal farmers with an average land holding of about one acre. Focus on farmer-bread winner supporting a large family. Average income accessed by family about 3 000 Rs per month. Not having much alternative employment other than agriculture. Beneficiaries should be officially Tsunami affected farmers recognized by Panchayat or and District/ State level. Beneficiaries should have lost their standing crop during the Tsunami and not have been able to resume cultivation, because of land salinity, loses of land fertility or/ and no financial resources.

Location of the project: Tamil Nadu, District of Villipuram, Taluk of Tindivanam, and block of Marakanam.

Scale of the Project : The project's aim was to rehabilitate 500 acres of Tsunami affected farm land, belonging to marginal farmers. Total number of Direct beneficiaries (farmers and their family): 2 500 beneficiaries. Total number of Indirect beneficiaries (land less laborers, women farm laborers, casual agricultural laborers): 1 500 resource poor people which access the program donation of Cash for work.

Direct beneficiaries: 2500 people
Indirect beneficiaries:1500 people
Total number of beneficiaries: 4 000 people


Duration of the program: 2 years.

Direct material aid: cash for work & services to the beneficiaries: totaling 4 million Indian rupees in agricultural inputs, cash for work and training.

To Date : Completed

Inputs distribution: 160 tones of certified fertilizers, 150 tones of enriched compost, 6.6 tones of certified Paddy seeds, 1.5 tones of certified green manure seeds, 6 tones of bio pest control cakes, 900 kg of bio- fertilizers, 500 liters of organic growth promoter, 20000 liters of PH reducer (efficient micro organisms).

Result and Yield: Average yield has increased by 30% according to beneficiaries, Post- Tsunami yield data and AAO records for the area for 10 years. Beneficiaries cost of production has been reduced by 50% through the program donation. Beneficiaries are learning new high yielding sustainable cultivation techniques and are eager to continue.

Yields have increased from 14-16 bags of paddy per acre up to 18 - 21 bags of paddy per acre. Some beneficiaries are recording 25 bags of paddy per acre, which was not seen for years. The local agricultural extension office is very supportive of our actions and interested in our methodology. Project Director Mr.Stephan Fayon, an agriculture and organic farming expert has been roped in to head this project. He has more than 15 years of experience in agriculture, seed saving, organic farming and forestry. He is also the Director of Kokopelli India, an international seed savers association. A team of agriculture professionals and social workers assisted him.


The project has been successfuly closed and at present the agriculture dpt of Tamil Nadu has adopted our technics and is carrying the work on more than 20.000 hectares of farm land in tamil Nadu.