Design Studio and Shop


Products. From handbags to wallets, fashion clothing to cushion covers, key chains to stoles, Artyzan’s  covers them all. For Artyzan in house collection we use mainly left over materials given by our industrials partners therefore each one of our product is unique.

Artyzan products can be found in our show room at the school campus in Pondicherry and in 14 outlets all over India. Also you can discover or buy them at


Team. Artyzan’s team consists of highly experienced and talented professionals. Designers with international exposure and experience manage the design studio. The master craftsmen working for Artyzan have been trained at the academy and have experience in working with many leading international designers, brands and companies. Also every school teacher supervise the creation and production process from there relevant skill.


Special orders. Designers, artists, shops or clients can propose ideas of small limited orders and if we can we will be happy doing it. Please email