About Us


Mission and Vision

Be Efficient and Sustainable - We do not do anything without deliberation, even in emergency situations; nothing is done to "appear sympathetic". We only take into account the interest of the persons in need, always consulting them with due respect.

It is important to be aware that we are acting in a specific cultural environment which should not be disturbed by our actions (the concerned people are the best judges in dealing wtth any opportune modifications).

Democratic Approach - We are discussing and looking into all relevant issues with the Panchayats (villages assemblies); we are evolving action plans and quotations; we are communicating with the local administrations.

Dignity of Beneficiaries - You will see on the site certain photos, which illustrate our actions. We always take the permission of concerned people prior to taking their photographs. We wish to preserve their dignity.

Sustainable Development - We help to set up village-cooperatives as well as educational and medical facilities and we will help to reinstitute natural environments by applying ecological methods. We will not help in the construction of traditional Kattu Marans made of tied trunks. The boats, though charming, will not permit fishermen to adapt themselves to fast changing conditions of fishing.

Contribution of Villagers - It is important that villagers participate actively in rebuilding their lives. If possible, when practical work is necessary and when it can be done by non-qualified laborers, we will give it to them. It is laudable to help them physically but let us not deprive them their dignity and a modest income.

Improvement of Women's Condition - Our activities are also focused on the improvement of women's condition both economically and socially.

Our Team

We are a team of people from different corners of the world, who are passionately in love with India and trying our best to help the marginalized people in their struggle to find a better life and future. The massive destruction caused by the Tsunami of 26th December 2004 brought us together. The support of many well wishers around the world and affection of our beneficiaries has helped our organization grow in strength and undertake many challenging and meaningful actions. The founding members of the trust are;

Mr. Dimitri Klein, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, has been living in India since 1998 promoting intelligent and responsible tourism in India. He is today the Founder, Trustee and President of Children of the World India.

Mr. Gilbert James, a young entrepreneur, He was an active youth leader and social activist during his years in the university. He is today the Managing Trustee of Children of the World India.

Mrs. Raja.M.Kausalya devi, Honorary consul of France in Chennai.

Mr. Jean-François Lesage, Creator and director of Vastrakala, an artistic embroidery company, has been living in India since 1993.

Mr. Niels Schoenfelder, Director of Mancini Enterprises, an architectural and Design Company, has been living in India since 2002

Mr.Michel Seguy, Consul General of France in Pondicherry and Chennai. They have resigned from trusteeship of CWI, due to their transfer to Africa. They continue to remain as the Trust's Godparents and a source of inspiration and support in its activities.